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Coolest Homemade Bath Loofah Costume 13

by Mandy W.
(Denton, TX USA)

Homemade Bath Loofah Costume

Homemade Bath Loofah Costume

I saw this great Homemade Bath Loofah Costume on your website and HAD to do it. I was going to do a different color but I love green! My husband went as a bar of soap (that was very easy to make).

I bought an oversized green t-shirt and cut off the sleeves. I bought about 30 yards of tulle and lots of safety pins. Then I got a piece of rope from the fabric department. Basically I just looped the tulle and pinned it to the t-shirt and just did this until the t-shirt was covered.

It is a lot easier if you used very long pieces of tulle at a time so you do not have to stop the looping as often. Then I just looped the rope and attached it to the top. I just wore some leggings under it and all night people kept coming up and rubbing on me to get clean, LOL! That is all it took! I still have it and wish I could just wear it again!

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Husband's Costume
by: Anonymous

How did you do your husband's costume for the bar of soap?? Thanks!

Bar of Soap
by: Anonymous

How did you make bar of soap?Thanks!!

by: Fanta

So how did you make the costume for your hubby?

by: Anonymous

How did yu do the bar of soap?

bar of!
by: sheri

I want to make a group costume for my husband, daughter and myself... I've got everything covered, except my husband's costume. A bar of soap would be PERFECT! I've got a few ideas....but would love to see how you did yours!

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