We made this Barrel of Monkeys costume for our son for Halloween.

The barrel was made from two barrel-like planters from Walmart. My husband attached them together with silicone and zip ties. Then he cut out the hole on top. I spray painted the barrel red and duct-taped down the ends of the zip ties inside.  My husband screwed the barrel to a dolly so that my son could be mobile. We attached a dog leash to a screw eye in the dolly and used that to pull him around the neighborhood.

I bought a second-hand red fleece hoodie and red leggings for his outfit. I found red slippers on eBay and red mittens at the thrift store. I also spray painted a fake banana for him to use as a prop. His tail was made with pipe foam, stuffed with a wire hanger and covered with red fabric that I had on hand. I drew a stencil for the monkeys and cut them out of 2 pieces of red craft foam and 1 piece of red poster board glued together.

I used the leftover foam to make ears that I sewed to the hoodie. I completed the look by painting his face red. We also taped portable speakers inside of his barrel so that we could play “Hey, Hey, We’re the Monkees” through my iPod as we walked around.