My daughter is a preemie and I saw suggestions online saying to use small dog costumes because nothing would fit her. But we were a little uncomfortable with the idea, so I decided to make something for her. I figured if it didn’t work, I could just put a pumpkin bib on her.

The Baby Bird Preemie Costume design was for a simple and inexpensive bird costume that was comfortable for a newborn and easy to remove. It cost aprx. under $10 for all materials. I used 2 newborn white onesies, 1 white baby beanie hat, pair of white socks, 1 bag of white feathers, 1 sheet of white felt paper, some cotton balls, white thread, a needle & a hot glue gun. I placed one onesie inside the other and sewed together the top and around the thighs leaving an opening so that I could stuff the tummy with cotton balls later.

I hot glued the feathers from the bottom of the onesie all the way to the neck all pointed down, and only in the front to the outfit. Next I glued feathers on the front of the beanie to resemble a tiara. I cut the ends off of all the feathers so that no sharp points or ends would poke her to or make her uncomfortable. I cut two large rectangles out of the felt, a size slightly larger than her feet and then cut one end to look like bird toes. I also cut an X by making two slits in it so that her feet could slide in.

Once I put the onsie on her, I stuffed the tummy with cotton balls. I then put her socks on and slide her feet in the felt bird feet. Last I put the hat on her and she was ready for the night!

She was a beautiful baby birdy, in a lovely oh so soft costume that was made with love by mommy!