I’m a bit of a Disney freak. Anytime there’s an opportunity to craft a costume I usually go for one of the characters. I’ve been everything from a wicked step sister, to Malicifent, to Snow White. I decided to be Ariel from the Little Mermaid. I was determined to win best costume at the event we were going to.

For the hair I ordered a vibrant red wig from eBay… cost me about $20.00 with shipping. For the flower I purchased felt from a dollar store and pipe cleaners. I cut out petals from the felt and hot glued two pipe-cleaners to the inside edges. This allowed me to bend the petals in more life like shapes.

For the shell bra I actually bought plastic shells from the dollar store, painted them and glued on purple gems. I hot glued them onto a purple bra I already had. To finish the back I purchased purple felt that I cut in scalloped strips and glued them on the sides and back of the bra.

For the fin I found really cool green metallic green fabric,which I sewed together. I took it slow, sewing tighter and tighter down the sides until I found a comfortable fit.  For the fin part I bought three different kinds of green tulle and sewed to the bottom starting from the knees to the floor. I even made a clay pipe with seaweed as a prop. And cut an old t shirt up to make the purse she uses to store her thing a ma bobs.

Reactions from the costume were amazing. Everyone was amazed that I made it. Tons of people asked to get their picture with my friends and I (who dressed as fish) and we had a blast! Definitely worth the time spent making it!