Our school mascot is the Antwerp Archer. So this year, my son wanted a Homemade Antwerp Archer Robin Hood Style Costume. I took it along the “Robin Hood” style. We used our school colors of Blue and White.

I found a pattern online for the hat. I made it first out of newspaper to make it fit, then once we had the right size, cut it from blue felt and added the white feather.

I purchased black sweatpants and a white long sleeve shirt. Then my favorite craft item, white sticky felt and cut out “Antwerp Archers” to put down the legs of the pants.

I saved a Pringles can and covered it with more sticky felt, this time in blue. I used a boot shoe string and cut holes in the Pringles can to tie it to fit over his shoulder.

I took a piece of blue felt, folded it in half, sewed up the sides leaving an opening for the arms and then cut out a hole for this head. I cut out little squares along the bottom edge. I then added a black neck piece with another sticky “A” on the collar. And a long piece of black felt for a belt.

I purchased 3 giant pixie stick candies and added blue sticky felt tips and feathers to make 3 arrows. I took a hanger and shaped it for the bow leaving 2 loops at each end. I sewed a cover in blue felt and just slid it over the top. I then tied a piece of white rope to each end loop. I took more blue sticky felt and attached one of the arrows permanently to the bow. And I used more to attach the other 2 arrows in the Pringles can.

He is now ready for school on Friday. Go ARCHERS!