I am in love with Pop Art & wanted to pay homage to one of the most legendary artists of the genre: Andy Warhol. I was originally going to be his famous Campbell’s Tomato Soup Can but after doing some exploring I found it more exciting & creative to try to replicate his renowned “Marilyn Monroe” silkscreen print. Since we always do a “couples” theme each year, my husband agreed to dress as Andy.

For the Warhol costume we scored big at local thrift shops by finding black dress slacks, a white patent leather belt, a black scarf, a black & white horizontal striped shirt and a vintage camera (total cost under $10). My husband already had black patent leather dress shoes. At a Halloween costume shop we purchased the “Greaser” style black sunglasses & the blonde “Surfer Dude” wig (total cost $20). Doused the poor guy in Aquanet hairspray to mock the notorious Warhol hair and voila!

For the Marilyn costume I purchased a white feather boa & vintage purse at a thrift shop for $5 and the neon patent leather pumps from a local theatrical shop for $12. At a Halloween costume shop I purchased the classic white “Marilyn” dress, blonde “Starlet” wig, false eyelashes, costume diamond bracelet & hairspray paint to make the wig neon green (total cost under $50).

The most difficult time I had was finding the body paint. After much research & several failed attempts with cheap products, I went with Kryolan Aquacolor in Bright Pink & Turquoise (purchased from a face/body painting shop online for $25). The Kryolan is AMAZING! It’s a creamy paint that is activated with a small amount of water & dries quickly. My husband applied it with a sponge on every single part of my body exposed. It took about an hour to apply all the makeup & get dressed. Yes, I had to be very careful covered in head-to-toe pink paint but it didn’t come off once it dried unless it was rubbed hard. Washed off with soap & water very easily and did not stain my skin or clothing. I was thrilled with how well the colors photographed.

I have to say that all of my obsessive planning paid off. We went to a Halloween street festival & won a costume contest which helped offset the expenses spent on supplies. But the money didn’t even really matter. We had such an awesome time seeing people’s reactions. It was by far our most amazing Halloween ever. Now how to top it next year? I’m thinking pink again!!

Total cost of both costumes: approx. $120
**The pix were not color-edited in any way**