This past year, I decided on a homemade adult Peacock costume idea. I even bought feather earrings from Forever 21 at the beginning of the year, to save just for Halloween. I looked online for ideas of how I wanted my costume to look. I decided I wanted to get a corset and a tutu and put feathers on the corset, instead of having a big tail behind me. I got a satin plain black corset for very cheap, and it ended up having a little design hole in the back.

I then ordered 100 peacock feathers around 12 in. from an online store and bought little silver jewels to add the finishing touch. I knew if I put too much feathers, it wouldn’t look that great. It took about an hour to decide how I wanted to lay the feathers out on the corset. I did have to cut the feathers a lot shorter and even a little from the top of the feather because they were very fluffy. Once I found the way I liked them all laid out, I took all the feathers off and slowly hot glued them back on. It took about 1-2 hours to glue them all on.

The next day I did another layer of feathers, just to make sure there was no black spots on the corset. Once I finished I added the silver jewels along the two strips on boning of the corset. And on the back I also added beads around the u-hole, which gave it the extra flair. I also did make a headband, I bought a simple flimsy hairband from a cheap store in the mall, and glued two peacock feathers and two peacock swords on it along with 3 jewels that covered the dried glue and stems of the feathers.

The costume turned out super cute and surprisingly wasn’t that hard to make.