I worked on the Maleficent costume for about a week on and off, everyday. The biggest challenge for me was doing the collar, since I had to figure out a way for the collar to be huge and stand up at all times. The exaggeration on the horns was deliberate, I wanted them to pop from far away. I had some people tell me that she doesn’t wear that much purple, but I really liked the color and didn’t want the costume to be basic black. You can always design it as you wish. I got overall positive feedback from it. Hope this helps.

Head piece:

First, I did a drawing of each horn. From that template I cut out 2 pieces of velvet like fabric for each horn. Then I sewed the pieces together making my first horn, I did the same with the 2nd horn. I stuffed the horns with plush from a stuffed animal. I made a black mask with the same velvet like material, cutting out where the face would be. I hand sewed the horns on top of the head, making sure to they would be stable enough. Finally, I wrapped a purple string of yarn to each horn and sewed it to keep it from falling.


To make the costume, I used an old graduation gown I found in a thrift store. I cut out strips of purple fabric and sewed them on the front of the gown. I also cut wing blades with the purple fabric and some extra black fabric. For the collar I cut out a collar from a regular collar shirt, and copied the format but made it much larger. I had to improvise on the design many times. There are some tutorials online to help with this step. Some can also use vampire cape collars. Once I had the paper cut out of the collar I lined it with black and purpler fabric and sewed it together. The thick paper I used, allowed for the collar to stand up at all times. I also made it removable. Finally I added some black gloves and I was ready to go!  Except I needed my pet ‘Diablo’!

‘Diablo’ and the Wand:

I bought a black crow at the Halloween store. I colored his beak yellow and made him an eye mask with the same purple material I used for the gown. I used a broom stick and glued a plastic ball (that I also colored yellow) to create her wand. I added pieces of sponge/foam to make the edges. I then glued the Diablo’s feet on top of the wand. Finally Maleficent was ready to cast her spells!