This Homemade A League of Their Own Group Costume was an idea of mine in 1997. Sad it took so long to make it happen and get a team together, but I think it came out perfect. Thanks to my mother’s great talent, I have never bought a costume for Halloween. This time, she again takes the credit for revamping a dress pattern to have the authentic overlap and buttons, adjusted length, etc.

She hand sketched and embroidered the emblems on the front and on the sleeves, as well as the numbers on the back of each uniform. Belts were purchased at a bargain price on the sidewalk in Manhattan. Socks were ordered from a soccer supply company. Satin bloomers (not shown in picture) were purchased from a pajama website. Rockford Peaches caps were ordered online.

Simple black sneakers were obtained for under $10 at Kmart. In photo from left to right, Ellen Sue Gotlander, Kit Keller, Dottie Hinson, Mae Mordabito, and Evelyn Gardner. Thank you, mom for all of your work on this project!