I always have fun trying to decide what original costume to help my daughters with.  We come from a family of artists, therefore, I thought it was fitting to honor another female artist, Frida Kahlo this year.  My ethnicity is a Greek/Italian mother and Native American father, with my youngest looking very much as I did growing up.  She’s also very easy going and was eager to see what we could do to put this look together.

It was the night before the 66th Annual Irvington Halloween Festival in Indianapolis, the first I’d be attending with her, and we were on a mission to put together her costume.  I perused the inter webs for pictures and ideas, then we headed to our local Goodwill.

Most of the tops Frida wore seemed very vivid, capturing her spirit and creativity.  We looked for select pieces, to go with our shawl.  After some searching out from the racks hung the perfect pink top and a gorgeous floral print skirt.  Zeta could layer her summer dress over the skirt to tone it down, while also showing the colorful ‘Spanish look’ threading that matched the top.

All we needed now were the accessories; roses for the hair, and just the right beads!  There was a tired floral basket with several different sprays of color; including some small pink rosebuds, I grabbed it and we moved on to the next thrift store to find the perfect wooden beaded necklaces and several colorful bracelets.

We waited until the next day to try the outfit.  I braided her hair, weaving rosebuds on either side of the red clip, adding a little blush and lip color.  She made it clear she did not want a unibrow, but met met half way, allowing me to accentuate the brows.  I topped off the look by cutting out the side of a cardboard box in the shape of a palette and squirting some glitter glue (we had on hand) for ‘paints’ and had her carry a brush.

‘Frida’ received rave reviews at the festival and had so many people stopping her to take her picture, and really stood out amongst the many other prefabricated costumes.  We decided to enter her into the costume contest, and she won first place in her age group (7-8 yrs) – taking home a gold medal and a gift certificate for an hour in the Chicken Limo!  I hope she let’s me ride with her.

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