Last year we decided to take on rolls from a Christmas story.

I was the Famous “Fragile” Leg lamp, my husband, Ralphie as the pink nightmare, my son as Ralphie the sheriff taking care of Black Bart! (Costume was “recycled” from his appearance in the county fair and was not made.)

For the pink bunny costume I used McCall’s Pattern # 8953, sewed by directions and used metal hangers to shape the ears. Otherwise they lay flat. The hands are mittens, but we just pinned them to the sleeves due to the fact he wanted mobility of his hands.

$1 glasses which I popped the lenses out.

I was unhappy with the Boot covers from the pattern and wanted it to be more authentic. The only purchased elements of the bunny costume were the Pink Bunny slippers. Due to foreseen wear on the slippers I glued flip flops to the bottoms for better durability.

The leg lamp was entirely created by me, (a non sewer would be challenged by this) I used a knit type fabric and drew an A-line shape measuring the bottom as wide as a small hula hoop which was used to create the “hoop” in the shade.

I had to do some geometry to get the circumference so I would know how wide the initial pattern needed to be (think three dimensions instead of two, which would be just the width of the hoop) A few trial and errors on the exact hang and stitch of the dress, so sew wide… get smaller. To attach the hoop I stitched satin ribbons every few inches to the inside at the bottom and tied them to the hoop and stretched it (why I used knit) over the hoop for shape.

We later used the Christmas Story Group Costumes for a photo shoot to create our family Christmas Card.