I wanted to make a unique costume that people would recognize, but would stand out from the crowd. I love Alfred Hitchcock so Tippy from “The Birds” was an easy pick.

I took a vintage suit from Goodwill, sliced it up, and added coagulated blood for effect. I used a prosthetic eye, to make it seem that my eyeball was dangling. I put my hair up in a bun and pulled my hair out, to appear that the birds attacked me. I attached some hair to the crows, so when I moved they would seem like they were pulling my hair. I smeared blood on my forehead, arms, and legs. I had to get the crows online, but if you shop early you should be able to find them at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. The crows have wire under their feet.

I think the biggest challenge was getting them to stay attached to my suit. I used wire hangers with the cardboard tubing along my shoulders. I got cars pulling over, screaming “Tippy!!” and I won the costume contest.

A little about me… Halloween is my favorite Holiday. My house is the favorite on our housing community. I’m a beauty school drop out that loves makeup. I’m self taught on the effects side and love to shop for my Halloween outfits at the Goodwill.

I have yet to lose a Costume Contest.

My son is one of my victims… he is 17 and still likes to dress up. He doesn’t like doing it for the candy anymore, but if he gets a slammed door in his face he takes it as a compliment. I’ve been told that I missed my calling. One day my dream will come true to be a special effects makeup artist for thrillers.

Have Fun!!


Woochie Makeup (Party City)
Coagulated blood (Party City)
Prosthetic eye (Party City/Spirit Store)
Woochie Spirit Gum (Don’t skimp on the brand or your be sorry)
Bobby pins (hair)
Crows (Hobby Lobby or Michael’s)
Lime Green Suit (Goodwill is your friend)
Wire Hangers- (to go under suit to allow crows to hold on to – local dry cleaners)