This Headless Halloween costume was as much fun to make as my daughter had wearing it! The costume can be made for any character. It just happens that the thrift store had this chef jacket for $3.95 and that made it even better.

The headless component of this costume is a rolling backpack with the handle fully extended. I cut away the backpack fabric part since the zipper was broke anyway. With the handle fully extended, I duct taped a men’s plastic suit coat hanger to the top of the handle. (Break off the hanger part of the hanger.) Easy, easy and so far just duct tape.

I put a long sleeve t-shirt onto the base/hanger and stuffed it with plastic grocery bags (see you CAN recycle those things). The long sleeve knit shirt holds the stuffing better. Then, I put the chef jacket onto the base, over the stuffed long sleeve t-shirt.

For the neck, I used a leftover Lean Cuisine microwave bowl turned upside down. I covered it with food coloring soaked gauze and even chunks of bread to give it some realism. Can you see yet that this costume can be made with stuff already at your house. I did spray a spray adhesive and sealer on the neck before I put it on the costume just to make sure the gauze stayed. To attach the bowl onto the costume, I used a zip tie and poked a hole in the back of the bowl. The zip tie went around the hanger top.

I cut a slit in the front of the jacket for my daughter’s head, and made a name tag too.
The gloves are white knit and stuffed with grocery bags too with a few pipe cleaners to help bend them. I glued the plastic butcher knife into one of the gloves and then used a needle and thread to attach the gloves to the chef jacket and then to the front of the jacket to make it look like one hand will hold the head.

To put on the costume, simple put the backpack on and stick the person’s head out of the slit. Their real hands remain at their sides and in our case, my daughter put them in the pants. We put a wig on her and some white make up, then I sprayed her with fake blood and she was ready to go.

After she was done with the costume, I kept the backpack contraption for future “headless” costumes.