CHEF NIEDA BANDAID was the name of our headless costume and was fun to make as much as it was to wear!

Items needed:
Rolling knapsack- we had an old one and the handle was stuck in the extended position so that helped.
men’s suit coat hanger
chef jacket- bought it at a thrift store for $3.95
duct tape, gorilla glue, needle and thread
red food coloring
gauze real or fabric
plastic bowl from a Healthy Choice dinner
spray fake blood – 4.00 in a costume store
plastic knife- 1.75
gloves- used some old stretchy riding gloves
some pipe cleaners
plastic grocery bags for stuffing

Remove the hanger part from the top and use duct tape to tape the hanger to the top handle of the knapsack. Cut away all the fabric part of the knapsack and even part of the bottom to make it easier to hide the whole contraption under the jacket.

I put a long sleeve knit shirt on the hanger first and stuffed it with plastic grocery bags in the sleeves and some larger puffy packing sheets to give the body some shape. Then put the jacket over it. I stuffed the gloves with plastic grocery bags and put pipe cleaners in each finger to help bend them. I glued the right hand onto the big cleaver knife and then sewed the glove to the bottom of the sleeve of the knit shirt. I sewed the arm of the jacket to the body of the jacket in a slightly bent position. The other hand was bent and I sewed it like the right hand but positioned it a bit higher as if to hold the head.

Make a vertical cut in the jacket where your head will come out of the jacket when you have the knapsack on. My daughter wore a wig just to look completely different.

The neck up on top of the jacket is an upside down plastic bowl with gauze dipped in food coloring and then draped around it. I also grabbed a few chunks of sliced bread and dipped them into the food coloring too. I have no idea why I chose the bread–it was on my counter and then it really looked good. I sealed the whole gory mess with Modge Podge and let it dry nice and shiny. The bowl fit right into the opening of the neck and we used a zip tie to keep it in place.

My daughter wore big elastic pants and her arms are actually at her sides in the pants. Once she had the whole getup on, I sprayed the fake blood
on her pale face and it looked great!

Other names we considered using for our headless costume: Chef Omy Itslipped, Chef Ima Headless, Chef Cuttin Myheadoff, Chef Hed Inmyhands