Process to making my Poison Ivy costume was a headache but worth it. I got inspired when I saw Kim Kardashian costume of Poison Ivy.  I went everywhere looking for a cheap green corset. I only had like 4 days before the party. I went to downtown Los Angeles hoping to find the perfect green corset for a reasonable price. No luck!  The one who found her costume was my sister who actually also made her Wonder Women costume herself.

After I went to Hollywood and found nothing everyone was telling me to dye a white corset. I was not to sure about spending so much for a corset that I might ruin. So I was thinking of changing my costume when my husband (who made his own Wolverine costume also) asked me if I had something at home I could dye with fabric dye of course. I checked all my drawers and found a bra/shirt that was cotton/spandex and was white. I tried it on and decided to dye it. It came out the perfect green I pictured in my head.

For the skirt it was DRAMA! I went to Joann’s and bought a polyester fabric try to dye the same green and it came out blue! I was stressing out. I had two days left before the party. So the next day I went back to Joann’s and bought a spandex fabric and dyed it ant it turned our great! Perfect match to the shirts. I actually sewed the skirt myself and after I sewed the leaves one by one to the shirt and the skirt. I didn’t want to risk gluing them and them coming off, after I sprayed the leaves with glitter.

For the eyebrows I got instructions online , they were really cheap and easy to make, they came out perfect. I spend a total of like 20 -25 dollars for my costume and everyone loved it!  They kept asking where I had purchased it and I was proud to say I had made my Poison Ivy Costume myself.