My son always picks the most difficult costumes every year. This year he wanted to be a Minion from Dispicable Me. The ones sold in the store don’t look anything like the characters in the movie so I knew it was up to me to make it. I started out by purchasing qty. of 2 blue camping mats from Walmart at $7.99 each. I measured the size on my son to decide the width of the Minion. I then  cut the other mat in spikes and pulled them together to create the dome head… I used a ton of glue sticks to attach all of the spikes and to seal all of the edges. I reinforced the inside of the body so it would be nice and sturdy and so it wouldn’t bend when he moved around in it. Once the shell was complete I cut out the arm holes and the eye hole. I then used spray glue to attach the yellow felt And overalls. I made the goggle by using a leftover piece of foam, covered it in grey felt and added a piece of black mess for him to see out of the eye hole. The hair is made up of black pipe cleaners. I completed the costume with a long sleeve yellow shirt, blue jeans, black boots and black gloves. This costume was a huge hit! And it was really funny to watch him walk around in it since the body would bobble when he walked.