I am 11 years old and the reason I chose to be a Gypsy costume for Halloween was because I love all of the jewelry that they wear and when my grandma was over she thought that it was a cute idea. The first thing that we did was go to Goodwill to find a Gypsy skirt, shirt, boots, and best of all … JEWELRY!!

First the skirt, so we found this awesome blue skirt but it didn’t fit and the shirt we picked out hung down way to far. So we went to pick out a different outfit. That’s when my grandma pulled  out this blue, peachy-pink skirt, it was really pretty. Then we went to St. Vintcen’s de Paul, which is were we found my shirt. My Gypsy shirt is the same shade of blue that my skirt is, so it worked out pretty nice. .

Now the boots, so it turns out that my grandma had already given me some, problem solved. Oh, I almost forgot, I needed two scarfs, one to wear around my waist and the other to wear on my head. So it took 30 min. but we finally found them at The Thrift Store. Last but not least jewelry. So we went back to Goodwill. We picked two sets of the same five bracelets, and two big silver-blue earrings. We found another set of earrings with the same dangly silver balls and took them apart to make a head dressing which my mom simply sewed into an elastic headband. I had lots of fun picking everything out for my Halloween costume.

The one thing I think will make it look better is a wide black belt. You could also put a small vest on to finish the look even further. My costume ended up costing me $12.00. I still have time before Halloween so I am going to find some small bells and sew them onto the scarf around my waist. You can never have too much jewelry! and grandma says the noise is part of the costume.