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Coolest GROOVAHOLIX Care Bear Group Costume 11

by Carla
(Alhambra, CA)

Homemade GROOVAHOLIX Care Bear Group Costume

Homemade GROOVAHOLIX Care Bear Group Costume

Homemade GROOVAHOLIX Care Bear Group Costume
Homemade GROOVAHOLIX Care Bear Group Costume
Homemade GROOVAHOLIX Care Bear Group Costume
Homemade GROOVAHOLIX Care Bear Group Costume

GROOVAHOLIX Dance Company needed an idea for a great, easy, and COMFORTABLE Halloween costume for a group. So what better group of characters to choose other than the CARE BEARS! We wanted something sexy yet comfortable, unique yet easy to duplicate since there were a number of us in the group. We chose hoodies (how comfortable can you get??) and decided to cut them up and add a few things to create what is now known as the famous GROOVAHOLIX Care Bear Group costume!

Things you may need:

-Picture of the Care Bears as your reference
-Colored Hoodie
-Colored Cheeky booty shorts or other bottoms
-White Felt
-Colored Felt (according to the icon on your bears belly)
-Sewing kit or machine (this is the most difficult part)
-Fabric Glue or Glue Gun (this would make life easier)
-Extra embellishments to add your own touch (such as, but not limited to, puff paint, glitter, sequins, etc.)

Dye your hoodie and booty shorts. Simply follow instructions on Dye packaging. We used the brand “RIT”. You may omit this step if you already have your colored hoodie/bottoms.

Take the White Felt and trace the paper Belly Pattern onto it. Cut the traced Belly Pattern out of the felt.

Use this white felt pattern to judge the size and shape of your Carebear’s icon. Create a pattern for your icon and cut out on your colored felt. Sew/glue icon onto the white belly.

Lay your hoodie flat and position the newly decorated Belly onto the center of the front of the hoodie. The bottom should cover only a small portion of the hoodie’s pocket and the top should just touch your boob area. Sew/glue it onto your hoodie.

YOU’RE HALF WAY THERE! Try your hoodie on to get a feel for the fit and position of belly. Lay hoodie flat and prepare to cut!!! Cut the sleeve off. Start at the underarm and in a diagonal line cut to the seam of the hood. Repeat on the opposite sleeve. Save scrap fabric.

Try your care bear costume on. Pull fabric together in back to check fit. If needed cut any extra fabric that hangs loose or awkwardly around the boobie area. Then cinch your hoodie in the back by gathering extra fabric and tying scrap hoodie fabric around it.

Create cuffs for wrists by cutting the ribbed wrist material off the scrap sleeved fabric. Be sure to cut above the sewn seam so that the thread does not come undone.

Create Ears by taking the corners of the scrap sleeve fabric rounding the edges with scissors. Cinch the fabric together to create a concave shape and sew in place. You can also double up the fabric so the fuzzy side doesn’t show. Put hoodie hood on and measure where you would like your ears to be. Mark that spot. Cut slits on the marked areas to place ears into. Attach accordingly.

Sew/Glue Red felt heart to Right butt cheek of your bottoms.

Draw on your heart-shaped nose with your respective color.


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Care Bear costume rocks!
by: Vanessa

This is the cutest Care Bear costumes I've ever seen. Creative and unique. These costumes rock!

by: Anonymous

This is the best costume ever!

by: Anonymous

Creative and cute costumes! Love it!

I love it!
by: Anonymous

Sexy and cute!

i love it
by: LLS

aren't these the cutest costumes ever! i'm making my Bedtime Bear right now!

by: I love Halloween!!

This is absolutely adorable!! I wish I had found this sooner. I definately know what I'm gonna be next year. I was just a little confused about the step for cutting the sleeves and the back of the hoodie.

cutest costumes ever!
by: :)

I'm soooo gonna be a Care Bear next year!

Thrifty Mom
by: Jannette

My daughter tried it and it came out really great. Thanks Groovaholix!

So creative!
by: Whitney

these are the best care bear costumes for adults ive seen! such a good idea!

by: Anonymous

these are awesome. I am going to have to try it! GENIUS!

Care Bears
by: Anonymous

I love these costumes. But what color RIT is used for funshine bear hoodie?

by: Anonymous

Hey! :)

great idea!

where did u get the colored hoodies?
does anyone know where I can get long hoodies?


by: PitbullSavor

I totally want to do this with my friends and i! we were going to go as candy but this is WAY better!!!

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