Our son won his age division and the overall costume contest in this costume. The Greaser ’57 Chevy costume was primarily made from a cardboard box that we already had. We already had all of the paint (latex house paint) and used only black, white, yellow and red.

The colors can be easily mixed to make the flames gradually blend from one color to the next. The headlights (actually light up!) were made from two soup cans with small flashlights held in place by cutting a small hole in the back of the can. The bumpers were made from a large turkey roasting pan that we also already had.

Left over pieces of the roasting pan were used to make door “handles”, “locks” and a “hood ornament” as well as all of the chrome trim. The trunk lock and tail light details were also pieces of the roasting pan made with a paper hole punch. The roasting pan was cut using tin snips but good kitchen shears would work as well. The tail lights were made from cutting out and painting the “cup” part of egg cartons and were glued on.

The “hubcaps” were made by cutting the bottom out of two soda cans and gluing them upside down on the wheels (again using tin snips or kitchen shears). The wheels were cut from scrap masonite and held loosely in place by a single drywall screw so that they would turn. Scrap wood was used to reinforce the car along most of the edges and between the wheels and can be seen in one of the pictures.

The suspenders make the car easy to wear and take on and off and were made from strapping material purchased in the fabric department at Wall-Mart. The license plate on the back further personalized the costume but could be left out or painted on. We found the license plate in a gift shop. The clothing was all items that we already owned: rolled up blue jeans, plain white t-shirt, black Converse hi-tops and black sunglasses. Gelled hair and a comb in the back pocket completed the look.

Because we built the car using primarily materials we already had, we only purchased the suspender material. Total cost was about $11. We plan to reuse this for our infant daughter by attaching it to her stroller and dressing her in a poodle skirt. Two for the price of one!

 Greaser 57 Chevy Costume

 Greaser 57 Chevy Costume