In 2007, my nephew wanted to be Gravedigger more than anything for Halloween so I offered to try and make a gravedigger monster truck costume for him.

With a toy monster truck in front of me to work off of, I cut-shaped and painted (as best as I could) two black posterboards to look like the truck. I bought some shiny skeleton faces at the craft shop, then with markers, I drew the haunted house and graveyard on construction paper first, then cut them out and glued them on. The sides were done.

For the tires, at first I bought the biggest flat circle Styrofoam I could and tried to paint it black. That didn’t work out well so I put it inside black 30 gallon garbage bags (I could have used smaller ones but I wanted REALLY big ‘tires’) and filled it with crumpled newspaper on TOP OF the Styrofoam. Then I twisted it to look like tread then scotch-taped it shut. I covered the tape with white construction paper as the rims with lug nuts drawn on with marker.

To put it together, I used dowels inserted in small holes and used rubberbands on each side of the boards to hold it in the right spot. Then I used black construction paper to close.cover the front and rear. On the front, I drew flames to match the ones on GD’s hood on green construction paper. I folded it in half before I cut them out so they would match. Then I glued them on along with the headlights I colored red from the same piece of paper I used for the haunted houses on the sides. To finish I folded it to fit the curves/outline of the sides and stapled it all together.

I attached thick ribbon to the dowels so he could carry it in the contest. It only weighed about 3lbs altogether. He still has it in his garage