For this Avatars costume my friends and I found Lady Gaga jumpsuits at Walmart and tore off all the extra pieces that didn’t go with our Avatar vision. We had bought blue body paint to apply, but it didn’t look right at all so, in a panic, we ended up using some acrylic paint that I had left over from a previous Bob Ross canvas costume (I would not recommend using this paint on your body though, it’s probably toxic, but isn’t everything these days?)

Next, we bought elf ears and painted them blue and then used a makeup pen to add extra blue marks and glitter on our faces. Put on blue tights and one of my friends also made a tail out of fabric and pinned it to her behind. It was as simple (and cheap) as that! The sad part was that we ended up going to a Halloween party with blue lighting so know one could tell that we were painted blue, we looked totally normal in the blue light until you took our photograph at which point everyone was shocked to see that we were completely blue.

This idea started out as ‘blue man group’ but quickly morphed into Avatar which I think turned out much better. We got compliments from EVERYONE and it was one of my favorite costumes to date. Hopefully we can get some recognition here since so many at our Halloween party had no clue how much work we had put in!