Coolest Gene Simmons the Demon Costume. It all started with a theme of “The 70’s” for our at work Halloween Bash, tie dye, hippie, Go-Go Girl, Disco Diva…. Nope none of those had to show everyone up with a little bit of Gene Simmons the Demon.

Can’t be Gene without the wig or I ordered the official licensed Gene Simmons Demon wig. Next makeup, I did one test run on half of my face prior to the day of full costume to make sure I could paint my face in a mirror / backwards. It made the entire costume, the makeup speaks for itself.

For the costume, black jeans, easy I know but this was a work function, I may make a pair of diamond cut down the legs for future use! Bodice is a $4.00 black leather vest from the Salvation Army! With the help of my neighbor who has a cri-cut machine for cutting out shapes for scrapbooking she make me a stencil cut out pattern on some heavy cardstock to sponge on my silver studs!

I took an old black long sleeve shirt and attached sliver snaps to the arms in 3 places and one snap to the should of the vest. Put long sleeve shirt on, put vest on, snap on wings.

Next the Demon wings. I have no idea what this fabric was called picked it up off the clearance rack at Joann Fabrics, but it was a heavy vinyl like fabric held its shape perfectly! Fashioned the shape off the true Demon wings and sponged on the silver studs.

Boot detail – Chunky platform black boots, and thank goodness for duct tape, a smooth silver duct tape, which I carefully fashioned the silver flame cut out look and taped it directly to my boots.

And there you have my inexpensive yet totally incredible and awesome Gene Simmons the Demon. A few final details were: black nail polish, my lab’s force collar turned inside out of course for the studs to be showing around my neck and black glovelets made from a pair of socks. All I did was cut off the toe area, make a hole for the thumb and tada. And then get the tongue action down without rubbing off the black lip makeup.