My 7-year-old son wanted to be Garfield for Halloween and he convinced his sister to be Nermal. So, my partner and I decided to join in with Odie and Arlene. I had made Phineas and Ferb, Perry and Dr Duffensmertz costumes last year and really felt I could improve on my methods.

So, instead of hard frame heads I thought I could make fleece costumes and use inflated beach balls of various sizes as well as inflated baseball bats instead of foam or stuffing. It turned out that I had to make the heads with fiberfill and then unstuff them and replace most of the stuffing with the inflated balls, etc.

The balls were just too rigid to allow the hand sewing and adjusting during the creation. But they did what I wanted! The tails were light and painless if they hit anyone, and the heads were light enough, the kids could wear them without neck fatigue. The only problem was a warm Northern CA Halloween and they were a bit hot.