My daughter wanted to be inside a fridge so we made her this “Kenmore elite” for her costume this year. She also won first place for her age group at the local Halloween bash.

First we found a box so that she would fit in it and the only thing that would show would be her feet (which you really couldn’t see anyways.) We then cut one side at the top and across the bottom for the freezer door. Then we made the two handles out of bent cardboard and painted them black.

The whole box was painted white like a real fridge. We printed off some letters to look like magnets and hot glued them to the box all over. We also found a Kenmore label and printed and hot glued that on as well.

We hot glued a honey bun box and a cracker box to the top to look more like our fridge at home lol. For inside the freezer we cut out a hole for her head then we hot glued a sheet to the bottom of the freezer and around the inside of the head hole. We sprayed the inside with fake blood. We also took an ice cube tray covered in blood and hot glued some fake eye balls to it then glued the ice cube tray to the sheet.

We hot glued a toaster strudel box to the inside by her head. We also painted her face white and made her hair look crazy with some white paint in it for the frozen look add a little blood and you have a head in a freezer.

This costume is very easy and everyone loved it so much.

We bought the eyeballs from the dollar store, the ice cube tray I already had, the box was free from the store, blood cost about $5.00, and empty food boxes were free. So the over all cost was about $7.00 dollars maybe even less. It took only a couple of hours to make – the longest part was waiting for the paint to dry.