My 11 year old daughter wanted a different and unique costume this year. In researching the web I found this web site with lots of cool ideas, and we went for the Frozen Head Costume.

I started with two boxes, the freezer part was an 18” long box and the bottom part was a 36” long box bought from Home Depot. I duct taped both boxes together and then cut the top box for the freezer door.

Next I made a round hole in the middle inside of the freezer were my daughter’s head would pop out. I added a shelf to the freezer door by gluing cardboard. We them painted the whole thing white with some house paint we had in the garage. I added some foam pads inside the box where her shoulders rested for comfort.

The next thing was to decorate the whole thing. I made handles with cardboard covered in duct tape and also added a brand logo to the front that I printed of the internet. I saved some frozen food boxes and hot glued them to the inside of the freezer. I added cereal boxes on top of the freezer.

I also bought a brain, liver and fingers from the 99 cent store. I added eye balls to the ice tray, we also included an ice cream bucket where her candy would go. I hot glued alphabet letters to the front and a drawing my daughter created. I added a couple of orange flickering lights to the inside of the freezer to give it a scarier effect.

The last step was the makeup. First I painted her face white with bits of blue and black and red and black around her eyes. I spray painted her hair white and added spray glitter. I bought some frozen vampire makeup from the Halloween store that came with different size crystals that I applied to her face and hair to make it look like frost. I also applied some fake eye lashes that had crystals on them.

She wore a white turtle neck shirt which I spray painted red to make it look like blood. She was a total hit on Halloween’s day, everyone admired the Frozen Head Costume and wanted to take pictures.