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Coolest Frankenberry Costume 13

by Dana T.

Coolest Frankenberry Costume

Coolest Frankenberry Costume

Coolest Frankenberry Costume
Coolest Frankenberry Costume Designer Bag

Growing up in the 80's, breakfast was always a big deal for me. Watching cartoons and eating all kinds of cereal made waking up something to look forward to each day! One of my favorite cereals was Frankenberry. I would indulge in that while my brother would eat Count Chocula. Years later, I find myself making Halloween costumes that are heavily saturated in 80's nostalgia, and this year it was no different. I wasn't sure how I'd pull off a Frankenberry Costume, but I knew I would transform myself into Frankenberry.

Since I bought the components here & there, it didn't seem like it cost all that much. After calculating everything, however, I must have spent roughly $100 in total. Well worth it to me, as I had so much fun making it (in 8 hrs).

- Fuchsia long sleeve thermal ($6) & tank top ($5) (luckily, various shades of pink are in this season so it wasn't too much of a challenge to find a top!)
- Fuchsia yoga pants (1.99 at Good Will!) that my wonderful fashion designer friend turned into leggings so the bottoms would be tapered like his
- Light pink socks ($4)
- I happened to have fuchsia colored shoes!
- Light pink gloves ($5)- I had fabric paint to "manicure" my nails with strawberries on each nail
- Fake chain link ($7) from Halloween store that I was able to attach to a fuchsia belt I had to create suspenders.

- 2 pink bobbed wigs ($15 each) (I needed to add the hair from one wig to the other so I could create the 2 bumps that he has)
- pink headband
- I cut out the arrow & clock from white oaktag and covered it in fuchsia duct tape ($5). Made clock arms with black fabric paint
- used fuchsia felt to create eyebrows and other markings he has on his cheeks
- pink costume face paint ($5)
- Round glasses ($10)- Wearing the glasses, I used a dry erase marker to strategically mark the space I needed to keep open for my own eyes to be able to see! I marked up the rest of the space and I painted the eyes on and added rhinestones.

Handbag: (need 2 boxes of cereal- $8)
- I took one empty box of Frankenberry cereal. I folded and hot glued the flaps in. cut front of another empty box and hot glued it on back of first box so Frankenberry would be on both sides. I made felt handles, used pink rhinestones to jazz it up, as well as felt circles that were hot glued along each side. I duct taped the bottom both inside & outside to secure it in order for me to hold my valuables inside.

All in all this Frankenberry Costume came out great. I always get nervous that people won't recognize me but I got a handful of "Hey! That's FRANKENBERRY" comments which was neat. I hope General Mills will be proud :-)

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by: Ledi

Great Frankenberry rendition! Hope you get the gold medal!

by: Anonymous

love it, very cool

by: Anonymous

Wow, this is so creative and brings me right back to when I was a kid. GREAT COSTUME!

by: lynda


Great Costume
by: Anonymous

Very original, great costume.

by: Toni Marie

Absolutely LOVE it!! Dana your costume is beyond creative!!! The details are amazing!! You have much talent!!! Definitely the COOLEST!!!

by: Lillian

Terrific and creative costume! Cereal rocks!

Sweet Frankenberry!
by: Alex

Very cool costume! Totally original. :)

by: Anonymous

Fun costume!! Very creative!

by: Inez

Omg! I love this!

by: Jimmy & Matilda

DELICIOUSLY creative! LOve it!

by: Anonymous

yeh it's great...its really greeaat

Frankenberry Blast
by: Anonymous

The best cereal costume I have ever seen! Simply mind blowing!

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