Looking in my crystal ball, I can see your future. Using some tyvek boards my husband had in the garage, I found some wallpaper that looked like wood to cover it with. It was easy to cut and then I just duct taped and used plastic ties to hold it together.

I bought some plastic sheets at the hobby store for the windows, printed out a pattern for the words, placing it on the back of the plastic sheet and was able to just trace the pattern and then paint it with gold paint to say Esmeralda and Fortune Teller. My daughter made the fortune teller sign on the front for me. W

e found a battery operated light base and a round glass lamp covering to make the crystal ball. I put a piece of sheer material in the glass ball to catch the light below it. I found some fringe and material to make curtains with at the second hand store for less than $2.00.

Poking holes in the sides, I threaded a rope to make some handles on the inside so that I could easily pick it up and move around when I was on the inside.

I found a list of fortunes from a fortune cookie site, printed them out and had a supply of them inside the booth in a container. I found some $.79 piece of plastic to make the fortune dispenser to which I could drop fortunes into after someone would put in a quarter. The quarter would drop into a little box I had glued on the inside. I had an opening in the back to go in and out of.

The tyvek was a lot stronger than cardboard, holding the shape, yet it was light enough for me to carry. Wearing a wig and scarf was about all I needed. It was fun to wear and people loved the costume!