I got the idea to create a Flynn Rider from Tangled costume when trying to think of recently popular couples costumes. I found the (women’s) blue button up, purse, belt, pants, and shoes all at the Goodwill. The costume pants had an Avatar tail coming out of the rear so I used a seam ripper and removed it. I then removed the purse straps and replaced them with the belt that was similar leather.

The vest and the boots were what took the most work. First for the vest I removed all of the buttons and the sleeves. I then fashioned the shoulder pieces and breast design from the sleeve material. I sewed the striped design on the front and the buckle loops onto the vest. To hold the vest closed, I hot glued the buckle fastener inside the other side of the vest so that I could put it on more easily making the buckles function.

For the boots, I found a leather that matched the shoes that I purchased and hot glued them around the base of the shoes. The boots came undone in the back of the calf and were held shut with velcro. I purposely sewed the velcro staggered to give the boots a wrinkled look. I then made the ankle covers out of another leather material which worked out perfectly because it covered where the leather met the shoes and were actually on Flynn’s boots in the movie.