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Coolest Flower Pot Halloween Costume 11

by Jessica
(Frankfort, Kentucky)

Flower Pot Halloween Costume

Flower Pot Halloween Costume

This Halloween I had a one month old and a 3 years old at home. Of course my 3 year old wanted to go trick or treating and I couldn’t say no. I had to come up with something fast.

I thought of several ideas, but because we would be walking so much I wanted to use the baby’s carrier. I wanted to dress my baby as a flower which was an easy thing to do and I had done it before. However, I knew because she would be inside the carrier no one would be able to really see or understand her costume, so I decided to make it more interesting by making the carrier a flower pot and to be even more fun, I decided to dress as a gardener. Every where we went people looked at me and didn’t really realize I was carrying a baby until a minute and when it hit them, they couldn’t believe it. It was so easy to make and everyone loved it.

Flower: I took one of her green outfits and I grab one of my old plastic flowers and took all the leaves off and hot glued them to the green outfit just on random places. Then I took a head band that I made sure it fit her little head and out of foam sheets I cut enough petals to hot glue to her head band. Head band was the best, it was very comfortable and I could even put it over a hat if it was too cold.

Flower pot: This was the easiest. I bought a plastic pot and with a hot knife I cut the bottom and one side to make it fit around the carrier. I hot glue a thick fabric around the border that I cut so that it wouldn’t scratch my baby and I Velcro it to the carrier.

Gardener: I just wore my regular gardening outfit, I wore my crocks, a hat, some gloves and I carried my water can every where to water my little flower pot.

Flower Pot Costume

Flower Pot Costume

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by: Steph

This is the cutest baby and mommy costume I have ever seen in my life!

love it
by: Angie

absolutely adorable! So creative, and your little flower is so precious, I love it!

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