This year was the first year that my two year old son was going to go trick or treating and in a wheelchair. I had not decided what he was going to be until one day my husband came home with a fireman costume from Costco.  I agreed to the costume under one condition, that my husband would build a fire truck to incorporate our son’s wheelchair with the theme.

Check out our costume in action, here!

My husband is not crafty nor artsy by any means; but my husband got it in his head that he was going to build his son a costume. After many days of me questioning my husband’s progress we went to the “Man Store” Home Depot.  Without taking any measurements and just “eyeballing it” my husband bought some supplies, wood panels, stable gun, and stables. A few weeks past and I told my husband that I think he needs to get other supplies i.e. paint, etc. So off we went to the “Women’s Home Depot” Michael’s.  We bought color poster board (red, white, and metallic), lights, Styrofoam.

To be quite honest I did not think my husband was going to be able to pull it off, but I was the one who was left speechless. My husband used pbc piping underneath the wheelchair to hold up the wood panels.  On the wood panels he stapled the colored poster board and then he added some light and he even had sound affects. I recorded the sound of a fire truck from YouTube.

It was a simple design yet it made a huge impact in our community. You see my son always get people staring at him because he stands out in a wheelchair but for that one day of the year the stares were followed with “That is awesome”, “That’s cool!”, “That’s great” “Nice wheels”. And my favorite was when a little boy screamed out “That’s Soooooo CooooL” and the little girl who tried to climb into my son’s truck. It really warmed my heart. And my son was happy.

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