Using foam core and brick contact paper, I created a building wall where it meets the sidewalk, including a sidewalk all the way to the curb (always overly ambitious, I also built part of the street with the drain and the manhole cover, but those had to be cut from the costume due to size constraints).

In the building wall, I put a window that was left a little open and had a curtain hanging behind it, a windowsill with fall plants in a fake terra cotta pot, a lit pumpkin… whatever worked to make it look like a real building/urban scene.

I created a dog by cutting the outline of the dog and building it up one side at a time with expanding spray foam which, when dry and hardened, I then cut down, sanded and sculpted into the shape of the dog – then covered with fake fur.

I attached the dog to one side of the sidewalk, rigging his hind leg into an “up” peeing position with a small dowel for support and giving him a lit pee stream using battery operated yellow LED shoelaces (flashing, of course, to call attention to it).

In the center of the sidewalk curb, close to the back wall, I made a hole big enough for myself to squeeze through and created the a fire hydrant using a large piece of curled cardboard and dowels, covered with a plastic mat sprayed red and a few random plastic parts (also sprayed red as well as metallic silver: an upside down plastic bowl for the lid on my head, plastic chain, etc…).

Next to the hydrant I created a lamp post using a reinforced heating pipe insulating tube, a rectangular plastic bin for the base and an empty oval plastic salad container for the shade – spray painting it all gray.

I attached a street cleaning sign with zip ties to really drive the point home (took a picture of the real sign, sized it, printed two copies which I glued and shellacked either side on a piece of foam core).

The Homemade Fire Hydrant Being Peed on by a Dog Costume was attached to me from the back wall, which had 3 belts attaching to my waist and crisscrossing across my chest.