I made this Homemade Finn Mcmissile from Cars 2 Costume for my little cousin who is mad about Cars and after seeing the second movie started asking for a Finn Mcmissile costume that she could happily show off to her friends. With help from the pound store I made all this in under £10.

I started to make the costume by using an old pamper’s box and cutting all flaps off except for one at the top which became the front of the car. I then taped the box and made it secure while using two flaps I had cut off to make the front windscreen shape. I then covered the whole thing with white paper so the picture on the box couldn’t be seen. My little cousin and I painted the whole thing metallic blue and let it dry while we made the other parts of the costume.

For the face I copied a picture from the Disney website and hand drew all the parts before cutting them out and stucking them on individually. For the headlights we used yellow glitter stuck to white paper and for the mouth and eye’s we drew onto plain paper, while for the top part of the windscreen and the Mcmissile logo we drew on blue card)

For the wheels I traced round various sized bowls to get the different sized circles onto black paper and then drew the silver and red with gel pens (the black card was also used for the mustache).
The vents at the side were cut out in blue card and drawn on with black marker as well as the handle at the back.

To keep the costume up we used two strips of blue paper cut to size for my 5 year old cousin. She loves the costume and is planning to wear it for halloween this year! The whole costume took only a day to make. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.