I decided to be the Joker for Halloween this year. I’ve always been a fan of his creepy and weird ways. I didn’t want to do the usual pants and jacket joker costume because I wanted this to be the “girl” version.

I set to work looking for clothing at the thrift store. Right away I found a skirt and jacket suit set for $2! Wooo! The tag said dry clean only, but I wasn’t worried. I found a similar looking vest that fit perfectly. I also was able to snag an almost identical “joker” tie at another store.

I searched online for purple and green socks. I finally found some that were “over the knee” and I wasn’t too sure about them when I ordered them but they were the perfect completion to my Female Joker Costume. I went to a Halloween store and found water grenades to use as props. I also purchased fake green hair extensions.

My last purchase was my green shoes that looked perfect for the Joker and matched great, found at another thrift store. I had finally purchased everything, so I set to work on my costume.

First of all, my skirt/jacket set was yellow. I soaked each piece in bleach and they both came out to be a light cream color. I used my washer (this made me extremely nervous) and a pack of fabric dye to dye the set purple. When the clothes were done, my washer wasn’t purple (phew!) but the suit was!!

I then started work on the vest. I also soaked this in bleach (it was a dark/navy blue). When it was done, it came out a light tan color. I did the same with this as the suit, dyed it in the washer (dark green) and it also came out very nicely.

My clothing was complete! I curled my hair and messed it up a little, and added the green fake hair pieces. I also sprayed green hair color in my hair. Now it’s time to decorate my face! I used spirit gum and modeling putty fax to create the scars on the side of my mouth. I used petroleum jelly on my fingers to form the wax so it wouldn’t stick to my fingers.

Next, I used face paint to paint my whole face white. Then the black eyes, I wanted them to not look “perfect” so I smudged them up a bit. I used face paint as well to color my lips and scars. I tied the grenades to my suspenders (I forgot to mention I also dyed a pair of suspenders to match my green) and I was ready to show off my Female Joker Costume!