Energizer Bunny Halloween costume, very simple:

1. Pink Pajama Outfit to cover you top to bottom.

2. White Gloves

3. Bunny ears

4. Shades

5. THE DRUM! Key component to any energizer bunny!

Each year costumes get that more elaborate and creative.  The idea is to keep your eyes open and constantly thinking outside the box. Got the idea for the energizer bunny after seeing the commercial.  If you cannot find pink pajamas, find any two piece that closely resembles in color.  I borrowed my little cousins drum and tapped the Energizer Bunny symbol on both sides.  I then tapped paper towels to the ends of each drum stick.  I was fortunate to have these big black glasses at hand.  My last stop was purchasing some playboy bunny ears and THERE IT WAS!

If you can find blue sandals your in!

The idea is to think simple and use whatever resources you have at your disposal.  Good luck and Happy Halloween!