A Christmas  Story is basically one of my favorite movies, ever. I initially considered being Ralphie in Aunt Nora’s pink bunny pajamas, but after doing some research, I felt like I could really pull off the leg lamp costume.  I’m from NJ so I had to make it a relatively warm so I wouldn’t be freezing my tush off all night (although, we were blessed with a warm night on the 28th of October 2012).

I wore grey leggins with thick nude pantyhose over top. I had a nude tank top so I wore that with a strapless bra. I ordered a black fishnet body suit online (it was actually difficult to find one without a hole in the crotch) and basically threw that over my flesh colored clothing and tied the arms of the fishnet suit in the back so I could easily pull it down when nature called.

For the lamp, I just took an old lamp shade and spray painted it gold and added black fringe with a hot glue gun around the rim. I even hot glued a battery operated push light  to the inside, top of the lamp so that I actually lit up. All night people were taking pictures with me, calling out “fra-gee-lay”, and saying I must be Italian. My favorite line was when a friend of mine, Frank, came up to me very seriously and said “From now on, I shall you Electric Sex”.  It was my best Halloween Costume, ever.