Welcome to the 74th Annual Hunger Games!  May the odds be ever in your favor!  We hope the odds are in our favor this Halloween!  This Hunger Games costume was for my 13 year old daughter.  Friends told her that it looked like she had walked off the set of the Hunger Games.

I started sewing this costume in September after modifying a blazer pattern to add the extremely puffy sleeves and peplum at the waist.  The skirt was a pencil skirt modified with the gathering by baste stitching every 2 inches from waist to knee and then gathered to be accurate to the skirt in the movie.

The makeup was done with a pale concealer and pink eyeshadow and hot pink mascara.  The lips were done in a bright pink lip liner with gold glitter applied to the center of the top and bottom lips.  The wig was a flapper wig modified by attaching a large flower (made by taking apart silk flowers and hot gluing together to make the large flower).

I sewed a black velour band to be worn around her neck and hot glued flowers to this to recreate the Effie Trinket reaping day outfit.

She won best costume in her high school (Grade 7 to 12) on Halloween.  A friend had dressed as Katniss and they also won best group costume.

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