My then 6 year old decided he wanted an Edward Scissorhands costume for this past Halloween. After hours of searching online for a costume in his size, I realized I would have to take on the task of making it myself.

I started by going to the fabric store and purchasing a few yards of the black costume material. I got a pattern from Walmart for a basic pair of kids pants and a long sleeve shirt, made those according to the pattern, and then just cut a strip of the material to sew on the top of the shirt as the turtleneck part.

Went over to the local thrift store and bought as many different sizes of black belts that I could find. I printed off several pictures from the internet of the actual costume from the movie, and tried to replicate it the best I could. I hot glued on the belts wherever the real costume had one. I hot glued on washer rings to some of the belts, and added furniture nails (hammer down the pointy end of the nail!) to the others. The rings on the costume are just silver key rings that were also hot glued on. The cross and moon charms, along with the chain down the sleeve all came out of Walmart’s craft aisle.

The black shoes came from the thrift store. I ordered the Edward Scissorhands wig and gloves online. The gloves, however, only came in adult sizes and were way too big for my little guy. I ended up having to take the blades off those gloves, and hot glued them onto a black pair of kids gloves so that they would stay on. As for the make up, I got a scar kit from the costume shop and placed several scars around his face. I mixed together a tube of white face paint with a little bit of gray face paint so his face wouldn’t end up so white.

I was extremely pleased with the way the costume turned out, and my son absolutely loved being Edward! All the work making it was definitely worth him loving his costume. Not too many people passed him last trick or treat without wanting to take his picture! It was definitely a hit!