For Halloween this year, I decided to pull off one of my dream costumes: Edward Scissorhands.

I didn’t want to use the “Licensed Scissorhands” sold in my local costumes store, so I began work on my own. I found close-up images on Google of movie stills, as well as other images of homemade Scissorhands. I began to construct each individual “finger” primarily from foam board, which I hot glued together into the shapes of scissors and knives, and painted with a silver and rust color.

Each “finger” was attached to a cheap pair of black gloves with velcro, which made for an easy on/off. For the body of the hands, I used craft foam that I painted and attached to the gloves with velcro as well.

For the makeup, I researched on Youtube for ideas. I began by covering my eyebrows with glue and concealer. For the scars, I applied a product from the Halloween store called “3D Skin Gel”, which I covered with a layer of liquid latex so it would last longer. I covered my face with the lightest foundation I could find, and used blue, purple, brown, and grey eyeshadow for the rest. The wig was a goth/rocker wig that I teased.

I bought the white shirt, grey pants, and suspenders from the Salvation Army. The suspenders were in perfect condition, but I cut them in pieces and reattached them with safety pins like in the movie.

The only downside to the Edward Scissorhands Costume was that I couldn’t get to my phone, keys, wallet, or anything in my pockets for that matter. Thank God I had friends with me to open doors and get to my phone for me all night long. It was a bit of an inconvenience, but the reception I received was worth it!