This is a Homemade Easy Mac N Cheese Costume that I had made. My son loves Macaroni and cheese and I love the convenience of Easy Mac n Cheese! I started with a laundry basket and cut a hole out of the bottom. Then I scanned in the Easy Mac n Cheese label.

I painted the poster board for the outside of the bowl then I printed the labels. I even have the nutrition information and the microwave instructions on it. I added straps to it so my son could walk around with it on. Then I made the macaroni from spray painted poster board.

We were lucky to find a yellow macaroni colored shirt in his closet. Then I made a macaroni crown for him to wear. Hot glue became my very best friend! My son was so excited to wear it and to show everyone it. This was such a cute costume and got rave reviews from everyone that saw it.