I made this almost from scratch. A size M blue v-neck T (cheap!) with the arms cut off and an XXL T of the same color used to make the pants (turned inside out, and slipped on sideways, then pinned at the back and between the legs, pinned, single stitched and cut then turned back the right way).

Red cap ($15), cape material (1m x 1.5m long) corners folded and double stitched on front of shoulders. White paint on chest and old boots. Duff symbols printed for hat and letters cut out and stitched to chest.

Red PVC (expensive at $34/m but only bought min 20cm) stuck in a loop then tucked into outer underwear. Cans of Coke emptied by cutting H double flaps at back used to secure to red PVC covered belt  (note maybe red duct tape is cheaper!). White thick fabric covers for legs and cuffs for theatrical costume gloves. $15 cap, $5 gloves, $20 material, boots?, $5 6-pack cans.