Boots – was inside out sweats, a stuffed felt tail, turtle neck with felt belly, pink gloves for hands, fishing boots with red soccer socks over them, the head and face were sewed blue leggings to make like a ski mask head cover with a visor with the bill cut to look like boots 3 strands of hair and felt ears the face was sunglasses with hard skin colored felt cut in the shape of his face and white paper with holes to see through the sunglasses all attached by hot glue.

Swiper – was a baseball cap covered in blue and yellow fabric attached with hot glue, white felt eyes and pipe cleaner as whiskers. Then stapled fur fabric to make neck cover and the body was clothing sewed a yellow felt belly and blue gloves for hands and covered the shoes with large yellow socks to look like his feet.

Dora was a black wig, pink tee, and dyed orange shorts, dyed white drawstring backpack purple with puff paint face, attached ribbon to make yellow ruffle socks.