This Do it Yourself Jack and Sally Couple Halloween Costume was inspired by my favourite movie of all time, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. The head of Jack was made by paper macheing a large rubber playground ball, then popping and carving the face. After that a piece of sponge and some straps were added inside to keep the head stable, and black nylon was used to black out the eyes.

We created elevated stilts using 2 by 4 pieces of wood and ensured to provide proper ankle and leg support. With the person now standing about 7 feet tall (mostly leg) we modified size 52 pants with old curtains to extend them, as well as wrapping the stilts in the same material to hide the wood. The jacket was an old one that we striped with some make-up crayons, and the Bat bow-tie was made from bending coat hangers into the desired shape, and shaping it more with black duct tape for the shiny finish. The costume was finished with some black gloves with a skeleton print.

The Sally costume was done as closely to the movie as we could make it, buying specific pieces of fabric and stitching them onto an old dress. Her legs and arms are a white long sleeve and white tights, that have been altered with a black marker for stitching. A wig was bought to match the characters hair color and the costume was finished off with a pair of striped socks and some old black shoes. She did her own make-up on all occasions.

The whole experience was a blast and we actually started several months in advance. The best way to find a costume you’ll love is to start with an idea that your passionate about. Think of things your really enjoy and attempt to do justice to them. The total cost for both costumes was about 60$ and provided us with numerous nights of fun, including one party where we switched costumes to add to the craziness.