I made the dress myself for Fiona and Shrek’s vest was specially made for him. Shrek’s vest is made out of fake alligator skin leather. Fiona’s ears are made from crayola clay and glued to the wig that I wore. We love dressing up and make kids days. We travel around to different Halloween parties to take pictures with the kids. Everyone always asks us where Donkey is and of course we had to leave him home to watch the children.

We don’t really enter any contest, we just like to make a child’s day. Of course there are a few kids that are scared of us but for the most part the kids love it. Next year we are planing on going to reverse Trick or Treat at Children’s Hospital where I work.  I know we will be a big hit there. We won first prize at a local church Harvest party and each one a pie. Just what we needed.