Each year I try to top what I made the year before and these DIY Peacock Halloween Costume Ideas are by far my favorite. I usually make costumes for my two best friends and myself each Halloween. About a year ago, we were discussing what we wanted to be for the next Halloween. We talked about being different birds, but after discussing it, we came to the conclusion that the Peacock was everyone’s favorite choice.

A few months before Halloween we decided that this was for sure what we wanted to do and then when we heard Katy Perry’s new song “Peacock”, we knew that we had no choice but to be Peacocks!

We wanted a Vegas style, Avant Garde version of a peacock. Until it was all put together, I really didn’t know how it was going to look. But I think I achieved the look we were going for! After a few weeks of long hard labor every day sewing after work, it all came together.

Peacock tail- I ordered feathers online along with feather fans and hot glued the long peacock feathers to the fan tapering them as they got closer to the edges of the fan. We purchased an elastic belt and I hand sewed each belt to the feathers, carefully making sure it was secure. We then decorated the belt with cut out peacock eyes and hot glued them to the belt creating a layered look.

Skirts- Along with the peacock feathers, I ordered strung dyed rooster saddles (6-7”). I made a base skirt out of nylon lining fabric. This was very simple. No hems, just a seam on each side and a dart tapering in the back. I then glued each row of feathers, totaling 3-4 rows on the skirt. I made sure to make the front slightly shorter so that the back looked a bit longer and fuller. I then sewed the skirt lining to the inside of the corset.

Corsets- I purchased leather like fabric, fusible interfacing, and boning to create the corsets. These are a little tricky if you are not used to sewing. You can always buy a corset to achieve the same look. I used fabric I already had for the interlining and lining. There is a total of four layers in the corset and a zipper in the back.

Leotards- I purchased a rayon/spandex material, snaps, and elastic. I thought this would be tricky, but I found an old bodysuit and used it as a guide. I then drafted a sleeve and sewed them on. This may also be tricky if you are not used to sewing. These shouldn’t be hard to find though if you need to purchase one finished. You can then cut the neckline how you like.

Headpieces- I used our individual feather colors and peacock feathers to create a layered look. I also used cut ostrich feathers to add more depth. There are two layers of black satin on each headpiece. I burnt the edges of them to give it more texture. I bought black netting, cut it in a circle and sewed it into a round pouf. Then I glued it all together and topped it with a rhinestone brooch. This can be done in a bunch of really fun ways!

Earrings- We just took old earrings and deconstructed them so we could use just the earring wire to attach a single peacock feather. We cut the feathers so that they were not too long. I tied thread around the tip of the feather and then tied it to the earring wire. I then used quick drying glue to ensure it didn’t fall off.

Shoulder pads- I used the extra rooster feathers for these. Because they came in long lengths, I was able to cut them apart and unevenly layer them to make them look fuller. I then glued some faux leather to either side and glued them shut. After that, I glued them to each of the shoulders of the leotards.

Well I think that is about it! I will be delighted to answer any questions.