I wanted to be a peacock for a few years now, but all of the peacock costumes out there were too revealing for my liking. I also wanted something more outlandish, larger, and on more of a full scale level.

My friend decided to have a Halloween costume ball for her wedding reception so I figured this was my chance. I began by purchasing a clearance homecoming dress from Sears (marked down from $150 to $10, by the way) as something to wear under my giant peacock tail. I also purchased a belt to attach the tail to so that I could easily put it on and take it off throughout the night so that I could sit without breaking all my feathers.

I purchased a base fabric that was somewhat sheer, and had a multicolored pattern that had no discernible pattern but contained the colors I was going for- teal, green, brown, and blue. I purchased tulle that had little speckles of glitter on it. I purchased it in 3 colors; teal, green, and royal blue.

I attached the base fabric to the belt (almost all the way around the front) and cut it so that it would be full length to the floor. Then I attached the teal tulle on top of the base fabric from the bottom up. Then I attached the green tulle to the base fabric at the top by the belt. Then I attached the royal blue at the belt. It appeared that the three colors were layered and at different lengths. I also attached the front corners to each other under the middle part of the back. I also attempted to sew piping along the exposed edges of all the tulle.

I purchased silver pheasant feathers and attached them at the top of the teal tulle (under the other tulles) as filler. I sewed the fabrics around the stems of the feathers to hide the stems. Then I sewed the first layer of peacock feathers so that the eyes of the feathers would be at the bottom of the skirt. I sewed the fabric around the white stems of the feathers. For the second layer of feathers, I trimmed about 5 inches off the stems and attached them to the green tulle under the belt, sewing the fabric around the white stems again. I had purchased shorter feathers that were in groups of 3. I attached them under the belt spaced equally except for a few extra in the middle. In the middle, I added 2 extra short feathers that had some brown feathers at their base.

The final step was to add some ribbons into each of the layers. I wore the belt under the chest part of my dress so that it was full length down the back. The belt hooked in the front. I already owned a royal blue shrug that I safety pinned to the dress to keep it in place. I curled and pinned my hair up so that I could pin 4 feathers on the top of my head. I purchased fake eyelashes and did my makeup in a variety of colors. I already owned a necklace with a peacock on it, another necklace that matched, and silver earrings shaped like peacock feathers for the most part.