Coming up with my costume each year is mentally taxing due to my ideal of having the perfect reaction at parties.  I’m going for the “aaaah, yesss” or “Simply Awesome!” comments.  Thus I had a very simple DIY Costume this year based on one of my favorite commercials – Mayhem, the guy who represents accidents in the Allstate commercials.

What you need:

1 black suit, 1 black suit vest, black tie, tie clip, a pink headband (I used a girls pink headband from the local dollar store), pink dumbells (I used pink dog toys that looked like dumbbells), some butterfly bandages from CVS and some makeup (I just had my fiance apply some brown and purple blush to my eye area).

The key to this costume was the attitude.  I got the imitation down from watching some of the commercials and stayed in costume all night.  I also would periodically jog around corners and through the backyard where people were congregating quoting Mayhem.

The responses were exactly what I was hoping for.  Mostly “Genius” and a couple “Classic!”s.  Overall it was my best costume ever and cost me a total of about $20 from spots around town and offhand items.  Halloween!

Video –