I decided to do a Tim Burton’s DIY Mad Hatter Halloween costume. I knew it would be something fun & creative.

I found most of my items at Goodwill. The coat, shirt, vest, pants, bowtie scarf and cuffs around the sleeves. I did not have to make any changes to the coat or shirt. I found a men’s vest but it was too small, but I held on to it. Later I found a women’s plus size vest & skirt. This worked out perfectly. I took the backing off the larger vest & sewed it to the smaller vest fronts.

The pants were originally white & too big in the legs so I took them up then made them flare slightly at the bottom then I dyed them green. I put thin masking tape down them then spray painted them with purple spray paint. That made them striped.

I found a top hat at a Halloween store. I used the skirt that had been with the larger vest for the material on the hat. I sewed it on, then went back over it with black mesh material. I used a pink material to make the hats sash. I even sewed a small flower design on the end of the sash hanging in the back (you can see in the movie that there is a flower pattern sewn on the sash). I found a peacock feather at Hobby Lobby.

I used large sewing needles & attached different items to top them off for the hat pins. I also had the 10/6 label with burned edges tucked into the sash. I took some long string material & added the thread to make my thread bandoleer. I made my pincushion ring out of a bottle top. Put two holes in the bottle top and put a small ponytail holder cut in half through the holes & tie it together. Sew a 3′ dia. piece of material so that you can pull it together, & stuff with filling. Hot glue the pulled together end into the cap & you have a pincushion ring. I glued ribbon around the side of the bottle top so you couldn’t tell what it was.

I had the striped socks already. I added different ribbon to the side of the jacket with a safety pin. I used an old curtain I found at Good Will to make the cuffs. I cut off some old gloves to make them fingerless. Regular Halloween make up was used for the face & eyes, but I found that eye shadow works better than the Halloween make-up.

I even had the contacts that made my eyes yellow, but you really couldn’t tell because my hair was so bright. For the eyelashes I used hair extensions that I had gotten for breast cancer awareness. They were hot pink. I sprayed them orange. I used 3 cans of orange hair spray (the washable kind) to make my hair orange. I think that is everything. It took about 3 weeks working on it, but I loved every minute. I was really happy with the end result.