Most of the credit for this DIY Ice Witch of Narnia child’s Halloween costume idea goes to your other contributor.

I made a simple dress and dipped it into blue dye and over a few hours raised it up to have a faded light to dark blue on bottom half of dress. I then attached a silver lace overlay.

For the stole I used a white terry cloth-like fabric. I bunched it in spots to make it appear like a pelt and added arm holes to provide added warmth and keep it on better.

For the crown I found a set of icicle lights that were all together. I removed the light bulb parts and using a blow torch to melt it, formed them into a circle. It attached easily, I set it on the head and taking a bunch of hair from the inside of crown and a bunch from the side put in a small pony holder, thus tying the crown down I did this four times and then twisted her hair around the crown. I twisted the hair into a few side pony tails and attached the dreadlocks (made from alpaca hair wrapped around pipe cleaners, an idea from your other contributor, THANK YOU), I then added baby powder in her hair to make it match a bit better. I sprayed in some silver sparkles and added some fake snow.

For her make up I applied some pale foundation and some glitter powder. I added a bit of pink liner to her eyes and crystals to her eyebrows and some fake snow to her hair line.

I bought a silver curtain rod and used epoxy to glue a crystal to one end. I used some pleather material to make a grip & glued it to the center of the rod. I then used a black permanent marker to add designs to the silver part of the rod.

She looked fabulous.