I love team costumes. Every year we try to find something better.  This year, after a trip in Mexico I thought of  El Dia de los Muertos.  We first got inspired by painting, art works and skulls.  Then, we visited second hand shops and found bustiers and skirts.  We found at the 1 dollar shop plastic flowers and simply glued them directly on the bustiers and on a basic head band.  It took me maximum 1 hour to make it all.

I had so much fun making it. I also made a little purse. It was really easy! I think anyone can do it! I made the make up for my friends and I, the final touch, and the results were really cool. I went to work all day with my costume and make up.  It was really funny to see people looking at me in their car, not sure of what they saw.  My colleagues loved it!  My son was absolutely amazed by the result and proud to come at daycare with me.

It is my favorite costume of all time!  Next year will be hard.