Our favorite show is Dexter so we loved the idea of creating an easy, inexpensive, yet memorable Dexter and his Victim Couples Costume.

Dexter costume:

  •   Green long-sleeved Henley purchased from H&M or amazon.com
  •   Black apron purchased at craft store
  •   Face shield purchased at hardware store
  •   Syringe purchased at Party City

Dexter’s Victim costume:

  •  Short, white, ruched dress
  •  Large roll of plastic cling wrap
  •  Fake blood purchased at Walmart
  •  Fake plastic knife purchased at Walmart (blade broken off and thrown away so that the handle could protrude from chest)
  •  Fake tattoo of Dexter\’s signature cheek slash purchased from a private seller at ebay.com (could also be done with fake blood)

To create the victim’s saran wrap look, we wrapped the dress (while I was wearing it) in several layers of plastic wrap. Then, we added fake blood on top of the plastic and held the knife handle in place while wrapping the dress again several times.

Everyone loved our costumes and they were super easy to make!